Rocky Mountain Thunder 2020

RMT is an annual event hosted by Hanshi Ron Carlson and Sigung Wayne Welsh to spread the knowledge of multiple martial arts to those seeking healing and combative arts. This year’s line up of teachers includes more than 12 different disciplines covering conceptual to technique specific martial arts development.

May 22 - May 24

One Day: $75
Two Days: $150
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Meet and Greet – May 22nd 6PM – 9PM @ 
 Hyland Hill Dojo 

*Everyone welcome bring your favorite dish or drink.

The Line Up

  • SGM Hanshi Ron Carlson Gow-Ren-Lu Kempo & Gung Fu 10th Dan OKO Kajukenbo 9th Dan Teaching Octagon Theory Body Folding & Manipulations
  • GM Ray Boyer Tai Tsuku Do (Cane)
  • Sifu Richard Dean (HQD Saolim Lohan & Whooping Crane Kung Fu)
  • Sifu Richard Dean (HQD Saolim Lohan & Whooping Crane Kung Fu)
  • Sensei David Milker (Kav maga)
  • Sensei Dennis Mercer (Judo)
  • Kyoshi Jason May (NanSho Budo)
  • Ben Fajardo (Nu Breed Wun Hop Kuen Do)
  • Nick Millikan (Vision Quest American Kenpo)

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Higland Hill Dojo

  • 9165 Lowell Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031
  • (720) 759-9193